Millions of people across the country use motor vehicles every day to get from point to point. Perhaps because of how commonplace such travel is, it may become easy to overlook the potential consequences of even a single moment of inattention or distraction. Unfortunately, many using West Virginia roadways are left suffering a personal injury as a result of negligent drivers. In fact, a recent fatal crash likely remains under investigation.

Reports indicate that the crash happened just before 7 a.m. on a day in mid-March. A driver in a pickup truck was reportedly headed south on a West Virginia road when the truck drifted over the centerline. As a result, the truck is said to have struck a sedan head-on.

The truck driver was transported to the hospital, but the extent of injuries suffered is unclear. The driver of the sedan died at the scene. The identities of those involved in the crash were not immediately released. While the investigation is likely ongoing, it is unclear if criminal charges are anticipated.

In the meantime, a family must now plan a funeral as a result of the fatal crash. Unfortunately, families in West Virginia who lose a loved one in such a manner are left not only struggling with the emotional consequences of their loss but also facing significant financial ramifications. As a result, these victims often turn to a personal injury attorney who can help them determine the best path toward justice, including filing a lawsuit that could potentially result in recompense if successfully presented.

Source:, “UPDATE: One killed in head-on collision in Mason County“, March 19, 2018