People generally do not plan to get divorced down the road when they walk down the aisle. However, life is not predictable. A few tips may help with navigating the divorce process in West Virginia.

First, knowing that one is not alone in the divorce process is critical. The current divorce rate is around 30 percent to 40 percent, so many other individuals have gone through the same ordeal, more or less. Discussing the divorce process in a healthy manner with family members and friends who have gone through divorce, or even with divorcees on social media, may help one to receive invaluable emotional support.

Second, preparing for the financial changes that will occur is imperative. This is possible by drafting brand-new budgets that reflect various scenarios. For instance, it may be helpful to create a budget that includes alimony and another one featuring child support. This will provide an accurate idea of what will be affordable and what financial changes need to be made following the divorce.

Financial issues are often a major cause of conflict during divorce. However, if two spouses can find common ground, they may be able to resolve their issues through informal negotiations or divorce mediation instead of having to go to divorce trial, which can be more stressful. Still, in either scenario, a qualified attorney in West Virginia will strive to ensure that the most personally favorable outcome is attained for the client so that he or she will be as financially comfortable as possible in the years ahead.

Source:, “10 Ways to Have a Smooth Transition from a Divorce“, Julia Love, Feb. 12, 2018